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FRV™ (Feto Realistic View)
FRV™ is an image rendering technology that gathers much more information than 3D/4D data than previous technology, and enables to express more detailed images of the fetus, including early gender confirmation. FRV™ is also compatible with Samsung

Sophisticated image processing technology detailing skin tone and facial features provides outstanding accuracy for sonographers and memorable experiences for mothers. Our recent breakthroughs in lifelike images are displayed on the world’s first full HD LED ultrasound monitor, with superior color performance and special filtering that removes unwanted speckle and noise. Not only images are rendered with more life-like details on optimal fetal display, but also processed and stored noticeably easier.


Advanced 3D Technology

New 3D imaging tools have resulted in more realistic images, and more accurate to confirm your baby gender 100% accurately at an early stage.

• Face Auto Detection (FAD™): With one-touch operation, Face Auto Detection (FAD) removes unwanted volume data that can obscure details of the fetal face.
• Smart Filter Volume Imaging (SFVI™): Touch-activated, Smart Filter Volume Imaging™ provides sophisticated tools for optimizing 3D imaging to eliminate unwanted noise, resulting in immediate clarity and more lifelike images.
• Volume Shade Imaging (VSI™): Innovative Volume Shade Imaging displays 3D images of skin tones and shading and improves visualization.
• Smooth Cut™: User-controlled Smooth Cut erases objects that hide desired 3D images, reducing unnecessary steps in the exam. Erased information is easily recovered by reversing the action.

integrated DVD (720×480) and USB (Full HD 1920 x 1080), permits simultaneous scanning and recording, creating an environment that allows users to choose


HD Volume Imaging™
By utilizing special filtering that removes unwanted speckle and noise while simultaneously improving visualization of edges and small structures in volume data, HDVI™ renders clearer and more accurate images.


Our state-of-the-art diagnostic systems rely on innovative technologies to enhance ultrasound imaging. Thanks to improved and sharper contrast resolution, images are in higher quality making them easier to analyze early gender determination of you baby. With advanced imaging construction, the Accuvix A30 improves efficiency in imaging under all possible conditions.